The Story


In 2014 Edward was helping his younger brother prepare for, and swim, his first solo Rottnest Channel swim. He supplied him with wool fat to help minimise his chafing and Edward was a member of his support crew on the day as well.  Being part of his brother’s support team, he realised how much work was involved in preparing for an open water swim.

Edward knew that over the years swimmers had come up with their own blends, often stumbling upon a mix that feels right for them. It is little wonder swimmers are often torn between what to use.

There had to be a way to make life simpler for open water swimmers…..and so Ocean Grease was created.

Edward created a range of products made from Anhydrous Lanolin (Wool Fat) and Petroleum Jelly which both have amazing anti-chafing, lubricating and coating properties. From a pharmacist’s perspective, when it comes to anti-chafing blends there is no right or wrong combination. The simple truth is there is no optimal blend. The choice of anti-chafing lubricant is very much up to the individual.

Edward has developed 6 different products in an evolving Ocean Grease product range:

  • Ocean Grease Original
  • Ocean Grease 80/20
  • Ocean Grease 60/40
  • Ocean Grease 40/60
  • Ocean Grease 20/80
  • Ocean Grease Lanolin Free



More About Edward Beck

Edward understands the swimmer and athlete. He has competed in the Open Water Swim series in Perth and in his University life competed at a high level in the athletics track program, representing the University of Western Australia.

Australian Rules football has played a large part in Edward's life, from playing since 6 years of age to currently coaching in the Australian winter time.

Edward is passionate about animal welfare and is an RSPCA WA foster carer and financial supporter to both RSPCA WA and Animals Australia. This passion has led to him having three three rescue cats and two rescue dogs.

When he is not working as a pharmacist or football coach, you will find him on his ride on mower at his farm or swimming laps at Greens Pool, both found in the beautiful coastal town of Denmark in Western Australia.